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Malaysia Today : Monday, 30 June 2008

Raja Petra Kamarudin

"The police are the ones who will determine whether the report is true or not. It is not something that we can determine. He will definitely deny it. That is common for someone who has been accused," said Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

No, Abdullah Badawi was not talking about the people named in the Statutory Declaration (read it here). He was referring to the latest sodomy allegation against Anwar Ibrahim. “He will definitely deny it. That is common for someone who has been accused." Yes, but is this common only to Anwar Ibrahim? Would not Abdullah Badawi, his son-in-law, Najib, Rosmah, Col. Aziz and Col Norhayati not also do the ‘common’ thing and also deny what was alleged in the Statutory Declaration?

Thus far, everyone named in that Statutory Declaration has denied what has been alleged. But, as Abdullah Badawi said, “He will definitely deny it. That is common for someone who has been accused." And, as Abdullah Badawi further said, “The police are the ones who will determine whether the report is true or not. It is not something that we can determine.”

Hmm….but did not Abdullah Badawi also say last week that he believes his Deputy Prime Minister Rosmah Mansor and her husband, Najib, are innocent? Well, he said this at least as far as Rosmah and her husband are concerned. But when it comes to Anwar Ibrahim he says, "The police are the ones who will determine whether the report is true or not. It is not something that we can determine. He will definitely deny it. That is common for someone who has been accused."

Why did Abdullah Badawi open his mouth and profess Rosmah’s and Najib’s innocence even before the police started their investigation? Will the police now dare announce the opposite to what Abdullah Badawi said, thus embarrassing the Prime Minister and making him a liar, at worse, or stupid, at best?

Abdullah Badawi has already ‘locked’ the police investigation and this will force the police to arrive at only one verdict. It is now impossible for the police to rule any other way other than declaring that the Statutory Declaration is false. That would be the only way to save the Prime Minister’s face and insulate him from controversy, or worse, from criminal charges.

In fact, the move to declare the Statutory Declaration false started very early in the day. The Statutory Declaration was signed on Wednesday, 18 June 2008, and handed to the prosecutors in the Altantuya murder trial the following day. On Friday, 20 June 2008, the Attorney-General lodged a police report on the basis that I had made a false declaration.

How did the Attorney-General know it is false? Again, the Attorney-General ‘locked’ the police. Since the police report was based on a false declaration and since the Attorney-General has said thus, the police will now have to concur or else the Attorney-General too would lose face.

We must remember that even before the Altantuya murder trial started the Attorney-General had announced that only three people and no others are involved in the murder. The Attorney-General had pre-judged the case and effectively ‘locked’ the judge. If evidence surfaces in the course of the trial which points to the possibility that more than three people are involved, the Attorney-General would look very stupid and would probably open himself to allegations of trial-rigging, which would be a criminal act.

But then this will not be the first time that the Inspector General of Police and the Attorney-General have been accused of trial-rigging. According to Anwar Ibrahim, he has evidence that the Inspector General of Police and the Attorney-General had fabricated evidence during his 1998-1999 trials. In 1998, the Inspector General of Police and Attorney-General were the investigating officer and prosecutor respectively. Anwar was about to give this evidence to Malaysia Today so that we can expose it when, suddenly, the latest sodomy allegation exploded. Is this fantastic timing and a mere coincidence or something more sinister?

Have no fear, Malaysia Today is here, and once we get our hands on the evidence we will certainly reveal it to prove that the Inspector General of Police and Attorney-General conspired to fabricate evidence in Anwar Ibrahim’s 1998-1999 trials -- unless they get Anwar or me first of course. Anyway, if anything happens to Anwar or me then you will know why we were silenced. But the evidence will definitely not be silenced. It will still surface, with or without Anwar or me. And let the conspirators beware because they will have to face the wrath of the people.

So, I have signed a false Statutory Declaration, have I? Well, then prove it because the onus is on the accuser to prove guilt and not on the accused to prove innocence. And since they made a police report and announced that I had made a false declaration even before launching the investigation, this points to the very strong possibility that the police investigation must ‘support’ what they have said, that I had signed a false declaration. To do otherwise would be suicide, for them of course.

In the meantime, while they figure out how they are going to bring me down and lock me away in the Kajang Prison, I too am working on the evidence that will prove the Inspector General of Police and Attorney-General fabricated evidence in Anwar Ibrahim’s 1998-1999 trials. Let’s see whether they get me first before I get them. Anyone want to make a small wager that I will get them before they get me? This should be an interesting bet don’t you think?

Ooooh….I just love impossible odds. Anyway, while we wait to see who gets whom first, let us look at another subject matter. This was what happened in the Perak State Assembly last week as reported by The Star on Friday:

The first 36 minutes of Question Time yesterday saw opposition assemblymen continuously standing up and asking him for the chance to speak, and raise issues.

One by Hamidah Osman (BN-Sungai Rapat) particularly earned the wrath of the Pakatan Rakyat assemblymen when she asked whether Sivakumar “agreed to disagree” with the well-known fable of whether a snake or a man from a certain racial community should be killed first.

Nga Kor Ming (DAP-Pantai Remis) and other Pakatan assemblymen demanded Hamidah retract her words but she maintained she was merely asking if Sivakumar “agreed to disagree” with it.

Sivakumar let her off with a warning and told her not to bring up anything sensitive. Barisan whip Datuk Seri Mohamad Tajol Rosli Ghazali (BN-Pengkalan Hulu) then asked her to retract her words, and she did.

This reminds me of the statement by the Kampong Medan Umno State Assemblywoman soon after the race riots of almost a decade ago, which saw the loss of a number of lives. She said that the Indians had it coming because they have been arrogant for far too long.

I was shocked when I read the newspaper report quoting this Umno State Assemblywoman. Was she trying to say that it is not wrong to kill Indians because they deserve it and were asking for it? Hell, she is a State Assemblywoman and this is no way for a State Assemblywoman to talk. Endorsing killings of Malaysians, even if they are not of your race but are of another race, is just not on. Even if they are not Malaysians but are illegal immigrants that is still no reason to slaughter them and say that they deserve it.

Why are Malays so worked up and angry about Israeli soldiers killing Palestinian civilians? Palestinians are not Malaysians. They are not even Malays. So why poke our nose into something that is happening so far away in a land we have never visited and to people we have never met? If we have no sympathy for non-Malays killed in our own country why are we so nosy-parker about the same thing in a far away land?

The Umno State Assemblywoman for Sungai Rapat, Hamidah Osman, revealed the attitude of these Umno women last week when she insinuated that if you see an Indian and a snake, you kill the Indian first. Yes, that is what she meant. Hey, fuck you; Raja Petra Kamarudin is not seditious. This Umno State Assemblywoman from Sungai Rapat and that other State Assemblywoman from Kampong Medan, who both endorse the killings of Indians, are. Go for their balls (metaphorically speaking of course since they do not actually have any). Leave mine alone. My wife has grown attached to them and she would hate to see the government take them away from her for the next couple of years.

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