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Liputan Kes Liwat Anwar (6 & 7 Julai 2008)

The Star : Sunday July 6, 2008

Take me to court, challenges Anwar

BUTTERWORTH: PKR de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has challenged the authorities to take him to court if there is solid evidence against him on the latest sodomy allegations.

He said the Government should first ensure a fair trial and select only judges who were credible.

“I will throw the file at their faces if the judges are not fit to hear my case,” he told a big crowd at a ceramah at the Seberang Jaya expo site here last night.

Anwar reiterated that the latest sodomy allegations against him was a conspiracy by his enemies to kill him politically and shut him up. He also questioned the credibility of Inspector-General Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan and Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail over the sodomy case because he had lodged a police report against them.

“How can they investigate my case, when I have actually lodged a police report against them?” he said.

Anwar also denied any link with the United States saying he would send a letter to the US government to bring its troops out of Iraq if he becomes the Prime Minister to prove that he was not an American puppet. He also said he had forgiven those who had committed wrongdoings against him.

The Star : Sunday July 6, 2008

Nurul Izzah fed up with accusation

KUALA LUMPUR: Lembah Pantai MP Nurul Izzah Anwar says she is fed up with the latest accusation against her father, PKR de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

“I’m fed up with it. For 10 years, we have been forced to live with such a slanderous accusation against him,” she told reporters at the 25th anniversary of the Saidina Abu Bakkar As-Siddiq Mosque in Bangsar yesterday.

She, however, said it would not distract her from fulfilling her responsibilities to her constituents. Nurul Izzah also said she was leaving the matter to the authorities and hoped the investigations would be conducted fairly and thoroughly.

Anwar is facing a fresh allegation of sodomy, this time from former aide Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan, 23, who lodged a police report on June 28. – Bernama

The Star : Sunday July 6, 2008 MYT 7:28:29 PM

Let Nik Aziz be the mediator, says Perlis Mufti

KUALA LUMPUR: Perlis Mufti Dr Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin has suggested that the PAS spiritual leader be the middleman in the proposed “mubahalah” (malediction) to solve the alleged sodomy alleagation involving PKR's de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and his former aide Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan.

Mohd Asri said that Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat, who is also Kelantan Mentri Besar, was well suited to be the mediator due to his huge influence on society, especially among PAS supporters.

In order for someone to be a middleman, he said, the person should have an in-depth knowledge of Islam and also be influential in society.

As soon as the sodomy allegation against Anwar surfaced, Mohd Asri was the first to propose the matter be solved through mubahalah.

He said he had no wish to be involved in political issues but had to give his views when it concerned matters pertaining to Islam.

On Friday, Terengganu Umno Youth suggested that Dr Mohd Asri be the middleman to get Anwar and Mohd Saiful to swear by the Quran to prove their innocence.

Mubahalah is an old Islamic practice where the disputing parties would swear they were telling the truth and pray that God’s curse befell the lying party.

On June 28, Saiful alleged that Anwar had sodomised him at a condominium in Damansara on June 26. He lodged a police report against the former deputy prime minister.

Anwar vehemently denied the accusation, saying it was a conspiracy to stop his political comeback.

On Friday at a press conference, Nik Aziz supported Mohd Asri's mubahalah proposal.
Both Mohd Asri and Nik Aziz said the latest claim of sexual misconduct by the former deputy prime minister was confusing to the people and there was a need for clarity on the matter.

Perak Mufti Datuk Seri Harussani Zakaria has also lent support to the mubahalah suggestion.

When contacted, former PKR Youth chief Ezam Mohd Nor, who is now with Umno, joined in the chorus of calls for Anwar and Saiful to swear on the Quran to get to truth about the sodomy accusation. He said the accusations were just too much for the country.

“Both Anwar and Saiful should settle it once and for all and go to the ulamak,” he said.

The Star : Monday July 7, 2008

Cops interview 18 tied to new sodomy allegation


KUALA LUMPUR: Police have so far recorded statements from 18 people including doctors who examined the person who accused Anwar Ibrahim of sodomising him. Federal CID director Comm Datuk Bakri Zinin said, however, that they have yet to question Anwar

“The time will come when a statement would be recorded (from him) because he is one of the people named in the investigations,” Comm Bakri said, adding that the case was being investigated under Section 377C of the Penal Code for carnal intercourse against the order of nature, which carries a jail term of up to 20 years and whipping if convicted.

He also said police were still in the process of identifying the remaining people who might know of the alleged sodomy and would contact them and have their statements recorded.

“However, if they fail or refuse to come forward voluntarily to assist police, then we would have no other choice but to compel them to come forward as provided for under the law,” said Comm Bakri yesterday.

He also warned the media against speculating or making assumptions about the case as it could jeopardise police investigations.

“If you (media) are willing to speculate, then be prepared to be summoned to the court to give your statements later on,” he said.

When asked if police were offering protection to the Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan, 23, Comm Bakri replied “Yes”.

“On the day he came to lodge the police report, he asked us to provide him protection.”

The Star : Monday July 7, 2008

Anwar and accuser both willing to swear on Quran

PETALING JAYA: PKR adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and his accuser Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan said they are willing to swear on the Quran over the sodomy allegations.

“I am prepared to swear (on the Quran) if the ulama advise me to,” Anwar said at the rally to protest the fuel price hike at Kelana Jaya Stadium.

He said however that the ulama should be “credible”. He added that Perak mufti Datuk Seri Harussani Zakaria and the former Federal Territory mufti Datuk Hashim Yahya had advised him that any such allegation should be handled according to Islam and there should be witnesses.

Sources told M-Star Online that Saiful, who is currently under police protection, also agreed to the suggestion by the Mufti of Perlis, Dr Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin, to clear his name. It is learnt that a statement on the matter will be made soon.

Dr Mohd Asri had suggested that the question of who was speaking the truth in the sodomy issue could be resolved by both swearing on the Quran if the matter could not be resolved through court.

Monday July 7, 2008

Fiancee: I believe in him and justice will prevail

KUALA LUMPUR: Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan turned 23 yesterday. As a birthday gift, fiancee Janna Syariza reaffirmed her love and support, saying he was her hero and promised to stand by him.

“I believe in Saiful and that justice will prevail,” wrote Janna in her blog A Step in My Pink Mary Janes (jannamohdzaki.blogspot. com).

She said she had spent the past week planning for his birthday but accepted the fact none of it would materialise. “I am not upset. In my eyes, he is a hero. To those who shower us with an endless stream of curses and hateful words, I say alhamdullilah (thanks be to God). “We do not have the power to stop people from saying hurtful things,” she added.

Janna also wrote about an “an admirable woman” whom she did not name. She said she would be heeding the advice of this person to be closer to God. She also recorded her appreciation for the well wishes and prayers for the engaged couple.

Comments left on her blog for this posting was a mixture of support and vile. A commentator,, wrote that Saiful was fortunate to have a faithful fiancee. Another, DatOk ZeQ from Kelana Jaya, also wished Saiful a happy birthday. The poster urged Janna to be cool and hoped that the truth would prevail soon.

Another poster, Zain, asked why Saiful did not resist if he claimed he was sodomised.

Saiful had lodged a police report recently accusing PKR de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim of sodomising him in a condominium in Damansara. Anwar has vehemently denied the accusation.

Anwar tidak perlu bersumpah - Mufti Perak

Mohd Rashidi Hassan

KUALA LUMPUR, 6 Julai (Hrkh) - Ulama terkemuka di Malaysia seperti Mufti Perak, Dato' Seri Harussani Zakaria, bekas Mufti Wilayah Persekutuan, Dato' Hashim Yahaya dan beberapa yang lain menegaskan, Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim tidak perlu bersumpah.

Dato' Seri Harussani membuat penegasan itu berkata, Anwar yang dihadapkan pertuduhan melakukan liwat, tidak perlu bersumpah atau bermubahalah kerana ianya tidak menepati undang-undang Islam.

Ini kerana katanya, tuduhan yang dikenakan ke atas beliau oleh bekas pembantu peribadinya, Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan adalah dakwaan jenayah yang termasuk dalam hukum kazaf.

"Kaedahnya dalam kes ini, ialah 'orang yang menuduh mestilah mengemukakan bukti' dalam mahkamah, jika dia gagal mengemukakan bukti, dia boleh dikenakan hukuman hudud," katanya ketika dihubungi sebentar tadi.

Mengulas mengenai cadangan beberapa pihak termasuk Mufti Perlis yang menggesa Ketua Umum KeADILan itu bersumpah untuk membuktikan beliau benar atau pun tidak, Harussani secara sinis mengatakan, "itu cadangan dari orang yang terlebih pandai."

Katanya, masalahnya dalam kes membabitkan Anwar adalah perkara yang menjatuhkan maruah dan tidak timbul soal perlunya orang yang mendakwa atau tertuduh untuk bersumpah.

Mufti Perak itu turut memberi peringatan kepada umat Islam, khususnya orang-orang Melayu supaya tidak terikut-ikut dengan budaya agama lain yang bersumpah dengan kitab dan sebagainya.

"Tiada kaedah langsung kena sumpah dengan al-Quran, itu meniru budaya agama lain, sumpah yang ada dalam Islam cuma 'Wallahi, Wabillahi, Watallahi'," tegasnya.

Menyuarakan pandangan yang sama, bekas Mufti Wilayah Persekutuan, Dato' Hashim Yahaya berkata, kes yang dituduh kes atas Anwar adalah yang membabitkan hukum kazaf, bukannya li'an.

"Sumpah hanya diterima dalam kes suami isteri atau li'an. Menyuruh tertuduh bersumpah dalam kes membabitkan kazaf menyalahi hukum syarak," tegasnya ketika dihubungi.

Menurut beliau, masyarakat Islam tidak harus dikelirukan dengan gesaan bersumpah, kerana sumpah bukannya sesuai dalam semua perkara.

"Isunya tidak ada sumpah dalam bab kazaf, orang yang menuduh (Saiful) mesti membawa saksi sebagaimana yang disyaratkan dalam kanun jenayah syariah, jika dia gagal, dia boleh dikenakan hukuman 80 sebatan," tegas beliau._

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