Tuesday, April 15, 2008

RM500,000 for reps accounted for, says Khir

Tuesday April 15, 2008

PETALING JAYA: All disbursements of the RM500,000 annual allocations to Barisan Nasional assemblymen in the previous state government are recorded and accounted for at the district offices, said former Selangor Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir Toyo. The RM500,000 was Selangor Barisan’s annual allocation to each state assemblyman to be used for mesra rakyat (people friendly) projects.

“It saddens me that the new government chooses to go on with wild allegations. Mosques, churches, temples and other places of worship benefited from this allocation. “We are not worried about such punches that are below the belt because the records are with the various district offices,” said Dr Khir, who is the Sungai Panjang state assemblyman.

Former Teluk Datuk state assemblyman Datuk Ei Kim Hock, who is the Selangor MCA secretary, confirmed his annual allocation was used before the general election in March.

“The money was used to settle outstanding allocations promised in previous years and also for mesra rakyat programmes, including buying computers for poor students, and helping to pay for gotong royong events.”

Ei said that the amount was used up very fast because people expected the state assemblymen to help out financially in various projects.

“The money is not enough every year but we try our best to accommodate all financial requests,” he said. The RM500,000 never reached the state assemblymen in cash. Instead, the amount was allocated to the district office and the state assemblymen would inform the district officers where the money should be dispersed. “All payments are accounted for. You can check with the district office,” said Ei.

Former Pandamaran assemblyman and Klang MCA chief Datuk Teh Kim Poo said the new government should move forward and not start a witch-hunt on a non-issue.

“Sending letters asking for an explanation from present current and former Barisan state assemblymen is a waste. All the records are with the district offices,” he said.

Former Seri Andalas assemblyman Kamala Ganapathy said her conscience was clear and that the money reached the intended groups of people – schools and associations.- The Star : Tuesday April 15, 2008

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